Books for sale at An Gernyk

CORNWALL THE HIDDEN LAND - £5. A reprint and update of a booklet published in 1965, where the authors, Richard & Ann Jenkin, write about their ideal Cornwall. Updated in 2005, there is a now a timeline of what has happened in Cornwall during the last forty years. (1965/2005).

CRYGYON KERNOW/CORNISH RIPPLES - £7. A second poetry book by Ann Trevenen Jenkin, with many similar themes to the first. There are a few poems in Cornish as well as English. Cornwall, the Celtic World, the Cornish Diaspora, Family and the Natural World all feature. There is a cycle of poems about the March to London in 1997. Attractive photographs and illustrations. (2005).

THE DOG WHO WALKED TO LONDON - £5. Reprinted 2008. This is the true story of Brengy, a dog, who with her owner Ann Jenkin, walked from Cornwall to London in 1997 on the commemorative March for Michael Joseph an Gof and Thomas Flamank, two Cornish heroes. Now £5.99.

AN KY A GERDHAS BYS DHE LOUNDRES - now for sale at £5.00. The same book as above but translated into Cornish by Vanessa Beeman, the present Grand Bard. (2003).

NOTES ON THE PRAYERBOOK REBELLION – £3.00. A booklet by Ann Trevenen Jenkin with illustrations and a reading list, for schools and interested readers who want an outline history of this complex subject. (1999)

GWEL KERNOW- A CORNISH VIEW - £8. A first illustrated poetry book by Ann Trevenen Jenkin. Themes reflected in her poetry – Cornwall, the Celtic World, the Cornish Diaspora , Family and friends and the Natural World.(1997) (Scarce)

THE EARLY LIFE OF R. MORTON NANCE - £3. scarce. A cyclostyled production about the early life of the Second Grand Bard, by his sister, Christine Morton Raymont. (1962. New Cornwall Publications)

Other Available Books from An Gernyk

1. THE LIFE OF HENRY JENNER ed. Derek Williams, 2004. (Boutle) –special price £10. Almost sold out.

2. THE GORSEDD AND ITS BARDS IN BRITAIN – ed. W. Morris. 50p. Published by Gorseth Kernow.

3. LIVES OF TOLZETHAN (Joseph Hambley Rowe) by Hugh Miners & Treve Crago; & MAP KENWYN (Cecil Beer) by Garry Tregidga & Treve Crago- £3 each or two for £5. Two booklets about earlier bards, published by Gorseth Kernow.

4. KESKERDH KERNOW/CORNWALL MARCHES ON – Special price £3. A ground-breaking book on the story of the 1997 March to London, set in its historical context and with many other interesting chapters, much written by the walkers themselves. Lavishly illustrated.

5. THE LIFE OF ROBERT MORTON NANCE Ed. Derek Williams & Peter Thomas. 2007. £12.50. NEW. An excellent anthology of impressions and facts about the second Grand Bard & his work for Cornwall, with much new and original material. (Boutle)

6. NOTHING BROKEN. A Poetry Anthology in Cornish and English, featuring many well-known Cornish personalities, writing from the 1980’s to the present day. Editor, Tim Saunders. (Boutle. 2006) Major Holyer an Gof Awards 2007.

7. ALAN KENT. OOGLY AS SIN. A dramatisation of the Life of Antony Payne, the Cornish Giant. 2007. Boutle. £4.50.

8. Keskerdh Kernow 500 (1497-1997). Cornwall Marches On. A Schools Support Pack, produced in 1997by Cornwall Advisory Service and Keskerdh Kernow. Still relevant for teachers. £3.00.

9. Cards. A painting of Crossing the Tamar – the Cornish Rebellion by Donald Macleod (1997). 50p.

10. Gorseth Kernow - The Cornish Gorsedd, what it is and what it does by Rod Lyon, past Grand Bard. A short well illustrated history of the Cornish Gorsedd. £4.95.

Cornish Distributor Noonvares Press

SAFFRON & CURRANTS: A Cornish Heritage Cookbook

by Susan Pellowe

£3.50, 56 pages, illustrated

Did you know that Henry VIII loved saffron and did himself no favor when he closed monasteries where they harvested this labor-intensive crop?! Saffron & Currants is a thoroughly-researched history of saffron as a healing herb and a culinary specialty from Rome to India to Cornwall, personal anecdotes of the author who grew up cherishing saffron buns’ heavenly aroma, recipes from WI and other cookbooks, and a brief account of the currants that often accompany buns – all interspersed with famous quotations about saffron.

Humor, rare recipes, a wide-ranging history and a sense of Cornish tradition make Saffron & Currants a unique gift to yourself or to others.

Susan Pellowe is an American Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd.
Publisher: Renard Productions

Please call at An Gernyk, Fordh an Chapel, Leedstown, Hayle TR27 6BA, Kernow, UK, to purchase any of these books. Cheques payable to Noonvares Press; ring 01736-850332 or email:

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