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Steren an Colyn Kernow Steren the Cornish Puppy by Ann Trevenen Jenkin and ConanJenkin

A dual language text in Cornish (Standard written form), and English, with numerous photographs by Ann Trevenen Jenkin and Taran Spalding Jenkin

Cost £3.50

(postage 50p in UK; £1.75p abroad)

For children from 2-7, to listen to, read some easy Cornish or English or just to look at the pictures. Find out about Steren’s special friends, both humans and animals

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For further information write to: Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Noonvares Press, An Gernyk, Fordh an Chapel, Leedstown, Hayle, TR27 6BA, Kernow, UK, or phone 01736-850332 or email:

…32 pages with colour photographs on the cover and on every page, and clear, easy to read print. Trade rates on request.

ISBN: 978-0-9524601-7-6

Now available - October 2008

Crygyon Kernow Ogas ha Pell –Cornish Ripples Near and Far by Ann Trevenen Jenkin.

 Published 2005 by Noonvares Press. A second poetry book. Cost £7.00. ISBN 09524601 6 5.

Cover Photo: "Rock Pool" by Philip Trevennen

The present collection has many of the same themes as A Cornish View with her roots still firmly based in Cornwall. As the title suggests, themes move from the local and particular to outside Cornwall, to the Celtic countries and to the Cornish Diaspora, with the ripples, as always, bringing her home to Kernow. Experiences are extended though some use of the Cornish language and through the effects of death or old age; but there is humour too and a readiness to laugh with the world, as well as an appreciation of the issues facing Cornwall and the concerns of a Cornish activist.

Bryallen offers a world view through Cornish poetry.   She is unique in the breadth of her vision and the depth of her roots.  Donald R. Rawe, Scryfer Lanwednock

A verse-journal of a Cornish woman in whom the culture has become inextricably linked with her character & personality. This is the verse of a frontline Cornish ambassador to many parts of the Cornish world, drinking in the gifts of Cornwall, the delights of its culture, the emotions of the landscape…Bert Biscoe, Vyajor gans Geryow.

Cornwall the Hidden Land by Richard & Ann Jenkin. 

Facsimile re-print 2005 by Noonvares Press with an additional introduction by Professor Philip Payton, and a new Cornish time-line 1965-2005 by Ann Trevenen Jenkin. ISBN:09524601 5 7.  Cost £5.00.

First Published in 1965, this book by Richard and Ann Jenkin was an early landmark in the development of the modern critical appreciation of Cornwall as a country, with its own history, culture, political and linguistic aspirations and a strong sense of Celtic identity.

This booklet was republished in 2005 with an additional introduction by Professor Philip Payton, Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University of Exeter in Cornwall, and a new Cornish timeline 1965 - 2005 by the surviving author, Ann Trevenen Jenkin. This illustrates well the continued growth of a Cornish consciousness over the last forty years. It shows that Cornwall is no longer "the hidden land", though there is still an uphill path, and much to be done. It provides useful comparisons and contrasts.

An Ky a Gerdhas bys dhe Loundres translated from the English by Vanessa Beeman. 

Published by Noonvares Press 2004 now at £5.00. Sale Offer. ISBN 0 9524601 4 9.  Holyer an Gof Commendation 2005.

A Tranlation into Cornish of the book listed below.

The Dog who Walked to London by Ann Trevenen Jenkin.

Published in 2003 by Noonvares Press. ISBN 09524601 3 0.  Holyer an Gof Commendation July 2004. Reprinted 2008

This book tells the story of Brengy (Noble Hound in the Cornish language), a dog who accompanied the March to London in 1997. This was to commemorate an Gof's rebellion of 1497. It is complemented by illustrations by Craig Weatherhill and a historical article on 1497 from writer and musician Will Coleman.


For children and all who are young at heart.

Leedstown Millennium Diary edited by Ann Trevenen Jenkin with Leedstown WI members.

Not published. Original in Cornwall Record Office, Truro. 2000.

Notes on the Prayerbook Rebellion  by Ann Trevenen Jenkin.

Published by Noonvares Press for teachers and others,1999.  Ring bound, at £3.00.  ISBN: 09524601 1 4.

This book is not meant to be a comprehensive history of the Cornish Prayerbook Rebellion which took place 450 years ago. However I hope it will remind both young and old of our Cornish historical past, re-empower us to understand the present and learn toleration of others, especially religious toleration so that we can look forward to our Cornish future with confidence.

Gwel Kernow – A Cornish View by Ann Trevenen Jenkin. Scarce.

Poetry.  Published in 1997 at £8.00 by Noonvares Press. Colour illustrations. ISBN 09524601 2 2.

"Ann Jenkin's strengths are her deep feelings for her family and roots, and her penetrating sympathy for places and landscapes, whether of Cornwall, the Celtic World or the Cornish in America. At one bound, with this collection, she joins the select ranks of significant poets of our time." - Donald R. Rawe, Cornish Poet & Dramatist

"Cornish poems which perceptively and firmly place Kernow in the pump house, feeding the fountain of British, European World Culture" - Bert Biscoe, Cornish Poet

Leedstown in our Lifetime edited by Ann Trevenen Jenkin.

Published by Leedstown WI  & Noonvares Press 1994 at £5.00. ISBN 0 9524601 0 6. (Out of Print).

Delyow Derow (Oak Leaves) edited by Richard Jenkin.

A duplicated literary Cornish language magazine, often with Gorseth prize-winning competition entries. Published occasionally between 1988-1996. New Cornwall publications. (Scarce)

Naw Pregoth gans Richard Jenkin.

Nine Sermons in Cornish. Duplicated.  Published 1983.  New Cornwall Publications. (Scarce).

Leedstown School 1878-1978 edited by Ann Trevenen Jenkin.

Published on the centenary of the school in 1978. No ISBN. (Out of Print).

Cornwall the Hidden Land by Richard and Ann Jenkin. 

First published 1965 by West Country Publications. (Out of Print).

The Early life of Robert Morton Nance by Mrs. C. Morton Raymont. 

New Cornwall Publications. Cyclostyled, duplicated. 1962. (Scarce). £3.00.

This important booklet on the early life of a great Cornishman shows the foundations on which his life's work was erected, and is necessary for a deep understanding of his many-sided genius. In addition it provides interesting and instructive vignettes of family life in St. Ives, Cornwall and Penarth, Wales, during the latter part of the 19th century.

New Cornwall Magazine edited by Richard and Ann Jenkin from c.1960-73. 

A cyclo-styled, duplicated magazine about Cornish issues. (Scarce).

For further information on these or any other books or articles by Richard and Ann Jenkin and for postage rates or trade orders please contact:

Ann Trevenen Jenkin, Noonvares Press, An Gernyk,Fordh an Chapel, Leedstown, Hayle TR27 6BA, Kernow, UK. Tel: 01736- 850332.


New publications also available from good Cornish bookshops.

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